Jazmin is from Guadalajara, Mexico where she studied graphic design and illustration.

Years later she moved to Mexico City to study oil painting and printmaking. And years and years later she moved to London where she studied multimedia and where she established her work as an artist, printmaker, ceramist and continues to illustrate books. Currently Jazmin lives in the South west of England.

She is a member of The Society of Wood Engravers, The West Country Potters Association and teacher at the International Summer School Bild Werk-Frauenau. Her prints have been selected regularly for the National Print Exhibition and twice for the Summer Exhibition in the Royal Academy of Arts. Her prints and ceramic pieces are in galleries around the UK.

She is inspired by the work of Jose Guadalupe Posada, the father of Mexican printmaking, and by Leopoldo Mendez who founded the Taller de la Grafica Popular, the celebrated organization which produced the posters and pamphlets that brought the Mexican Revolution to its illiterate masses, and created some of the finest graphic art of the 20th century.

But her real love is and always will be Saul Steinberg.

Jazmin is also a practitioner and teacher of Taoist martial arts. In China, the arts and martial prowess have been linked since ancient times. The martial arts themselves are a kind of fine art for those who understand them.

You can find my work in these galleries:

Rowley Gallery, Kensington, London

Panter & Hall gallery, Pall Mall, London

Cambridge Contemporary Art, Cambridge

Rostra gallery, Bath

For Arts Sake, Ealing, London

The Art Shop and Chapel, Abergavenny, Wales

Frivoli gallery, Chiswick, London

Tincleton gallery, Dorset

Purple Gallery, Birmingham

Lingwood Samuel Godalming, Surrey

Tiny gallery Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire

Two Kats and a Cow   Brighton, Sussex

Ingo Finke     Battersea, London

or contact me directly: